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Black Mesh Trainer Socks - Cushioned Running Ankle Socks (Pack of 6)

Black Mesh Trainer Socks - Cushioned Running Ankle Socks (Pack of 6)

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Material: 85% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Colors: Available in Black, White, and striped color options

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Fit Type: Stretch


We offer a wide range of unique and aesthetic running ankle socks, including low ankle socks and long-running socks, designed to let your feet breathe during training. Our socks are unisex and suitable for both men and women.

Product Details

  • Cushioned support and compression design: Our ankle socks women are designed to provide cushioned support and compression performance, stimulating blood flow and reducing irritation, swelling, and other types of muscle fatigue and damage. The compression design also provides muscle support and helps prevent blisters.
  • Completely odorless: We use odor-free technology in our sports socks to eliminate bacteria and keep your feet dry and fresh all day. Running shoes cause bacteria, but with our anti-bacterial socks, you can enjoy your run without any stinky feet.
  • High-quality material: Our sports socks are made from high-quality staple cotton, which is cozier, softer, and more durable than ordinary cotton. Long-staple cotton is also non-fading and breathable, ensuring your comfort all day long.
  • Well-Cushioned and Anti-Slip Socks: The ankle socks for men are well-cushioned with extra padding on the bottom and heel of your feet to reduce foot pain, and tiredness, and prevent blisters. They also have a non-slip compression design that provides a tight and firm grip, allowing you to perform high-impact activities with ease.
  • Fully ventilated ankle socks: Our womens ankle socks are fully ventilated, allowing easy airflow and providing freshness and coolness to your feet. They are super soft and comfortable against your foot, ensuring your feet breathe better during intense workouts.
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